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An Ode To The Lone-Wolf

Father and mother, Brothers and sisters
Uncles, aunts and nephews
So close in blood,
So distant in mind and soul

I will provide all that you need
If and only if
You do all I ask of you
But the lone wolf has a life to live
And in the end is always
As always- alone

Fatherly love- conditional,
He tries and tries, but complains:
-No appreciation, no sense of gratitude
Or understanding
The main problem with the lone-wolf:
Nobody understands- or try to.

The embodiment of love and affection
The mother hen to whom the chicks run
At the sign of slightest distress
~ Too opinionated, too stubborn and proud
~ It's always the trouble with the lone wolf
Too weak, too strong, but all in all

“If all else fail,” said the lone wolf
`Brother and sister shall uphold me'
Brothers and sisters have their own life to live,
Nephews, aunts, uncles, their ways to thread.

Some think they've solved the riddle
Of the lone wolf
Oh! How foolish, how conceited,
-an effective spread of useless and
Damaging rumors
Sisters who think they've known all
Does damage to all-
They're loved of the lone wolf

Friends: Brain Brother- does he really understand?

But can the lone wolf express himself?

A new found friend, the closest yet
In the lone wolf history
~ She cared about what people say?
`I don't want you to have
Anything to do with me anymore!!'

The latest in line and sorrowfully,
The only one so far,
Of lone wolf's heart friends
~ Tragically, She loves, he loves
But the reaction
Never precipitated to the usual product?
`I love you in a sisterly sort of way
And I'll always feel like that' ~

But when the blue snowflakes start falling
~ A friend in need is a fool indeed.
But lone wolf cannot bear to forsake

Lovers all
~ Most love lone wolf but
Unfortunately, most those do
Lone wolf doesn't give a damn

The first love
“Should we become lovers, we'll always be quarrelling?
But if you decide not to talk to me again ~ it'll break my heart.”

Closest lover yet, she does care?
Pen lover: promises all:
`I hope you won't let me down sha!'
Trust: the lone wolf has never broken one -yet
But it seems eminent,
There is always a first time to everything.

Friends find friends, lovers
Sisters and brothers -husbands and wives
But the destiny of the lone wolf is alone
~ As all was in the beginning
And must in the end be. ~

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