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Always my friend

You are always my friend
     If through the rough weathers of life
     You are always around, a safe
          Anchor point to be
     Together we stand or together we sink

If when men gossip and damaging rumours spread
     You are always around to defend
     Knowing or not knowing the facts
          …Only trusting…

If when men forsakes and their
     Distance keep
You are always around to comfort
     To say…
I'll always be there

If when the seas heave and turn
          Through life's up's and down's
     You are always there a back to lean on
     A shoulder to cry on…

A friend in need
          Is a friend indeed
     If when I need you
     In the darkest hours,
          The sunniest part of the day
     Come fair or rough weather
          I look around and find you,

Then you are always my friend
          And I just wish
     That I could be, to you,
          What you are to me.

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